ブルーシティへの旅路 -今シーズン、デンハムのデザイナー達はブルーシティの神秘と真実にインスピレーションを元にコレクションを手がけました。インドの第2都市であるJodhpur(ジョートプル)はそれぞれの家や建物のファザードがブルーにペイントされていることで世界的に有名で、ブルーシティはそのままデンハムの2017春夏メインコレクションの神格なテーマとなっています。

THE ROUTE TO BLUE CITY - The imaginations of Denham's designers were captured by the truth and the mystery of The Blue City. An area of Jodhpur India nicknamed for the otherworldly quality created by the blue painted facades of its buildings, The Blue City became the mythical destination of Denham Spring Summer 2017 Collection.


The collection was conceived as a single spring summer wardrobe that evolves and transforms as it moves across time and place along The Route to Blue City. Pale Jodhpur-inspired blue tints and shades play off of each other within a garment treatment as well as between garments which can be worn in combination. These include pieced-repair and boro treatments, dip-dye techniques and allover prints inspired by the creases in a folded map.The region also inspires a playful variation on hem lengths and front/back balance effects allowing a versatile and modern approach to layering and outfit styling.


The brand's progressive approach to washing, finishing and softly breaking-in modern casual styles have again produced highly wearable pieces with special attention to balanced optics, soft hand feel and modern flattering fits.Both the men's and women's denim range is populated with a greater than ever array of Candiani Gold Rivet qualities. From elite Italian denim weaving to hand-worked artisan finishing and from purist blue through to fresh white, Denham's unique relationship with Candiani continues to produce superlative jeans.

メンズのACTIVEデニムシリーズでは、BOLTやRAZOR HELIX、TOKYO APEXの新しいバリエーションによって更なる進化をとげており、これらはデンハムのシグネチャーである5ポケットデニムの新しいカテゴリーとして登場しています。

The Active Fit Evolution story builds momentum with new variations of the Bolt and Razor Helix and the Tokyo Apex. These join a new arsenal of Denham's signature fits and new 5-pocket silhouettes.


In the women's denim collection special attention has been paid to fabrication and finishing including new softer lighter weight interpretations of 5-pocket denim featuring blends with viscose and linen to enhance reduce weight and enhance drape. The range includes pieced and expressive repair and raw-cut detailing inspired by the theme of bohemian travel.